Chennai Cyber Crime Cell gets its first case in record time.

The Case of The State of Tamil Nadu Vs Suhas Katti is notable for the fact that the conviction was achieved successfully within a relatively quick time of 7 months from the filing of the FIR. Considering that similar cases have been pending in other states for a much longer time, the efficient handling of the case which happened to be the first case of the Chennai Cyber Crime Cell going to trial deserves a special mention. 

Mr S.Balu, the Assistant Commissioner of Police (Photograph Enclosed)  in charge of the Chennai’s Cyber Crime Cell at the Commissioner’s office acknowledged that the assistance provided by Naavi and the Cyber Evidence Archival Center (
www.ceac4india.com ) was helpful in the speedy resolution of the case. 

The case was also notable since it silenced several critics about the inability of the Police in general to be capable of Cyber Crime investigation and more so production of satisfactory evidence to prove the case in a court of law. 

This case will therefore be considered as a land mark case in the history of Cyber Crime Management in India.

The case related to posting of obscene, defamatory and annoying message about a divorcee woman  in the yahoo message group. E-Mails were also forwarded to the victim for information by the accused through a false e-mail account opened by him in the name of the victim. The posting of the message resulted in annoying phone calls to the lady in the belief that she was soliciting. Based on a complaint made by the victim in February 2004,  the Police traced the accused to Mumbai and arrested him within the next few days.  The accused was a known fam ly friend of the victim and was reportedly interested in marrying  her. She however married another person. This  marriage later ended in divorce and the accused started contacting her once again. On her reluc

Three people held guilty in on line credit card scam

Date: February 28, 2007

Customers credit card details were misused through online means for booking air-tickets. These culprits were caught by the city Cyber Crime Investigation Cell in pune. It is found that details misused were belonging to 100 people.

Mr. Parvesh Chauhan, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance officer had complained on behalf of one of his customer. In this regard Mr. Sanjeet Mahavir Singh Lukkad, Dharmendra Bhika Kale and Ahmead Sikandar Shaikh were arrested. Lukkad being employeed at a private institution, Kale was his friend. Shaiklh was employed in one of the branches of State Bank of India .

According to the information provided by the police, one of the customer received a SMS based alert for purchasing of the ticket even when the credit card was being held by him. Customer was alert and came to know something was fishy; he enquired and came to know about the misuse. He contacted the Bank in this regards. Police observed involvement of many Bank s in this reference.

The tickets were book through online means. Police requested for the log details and got the information of the Private Institution. Investigation revealed that the details were obtained from State Bank of India . Shaikh was working in the credit card department; due to this he had access to credit card details of some customers. He gave that information to Kale. Kale in return passed this information to his friend Lukkad. Using the information obtained from Kale Lukkad booked tickets. He used to sell these tickets to customers and get money for the same. He had given few tickets to various other institutions.

Man arrested in a cyber fraud case

06 March 2007

TRIVANDRUM — 4 March 2007 : The city police arrested a 27-year-old man for allegedly cheating a Mumbai based software engineer through the Internet by posing as a woman and stealing money from his bank account.

Rajesh, a resident of Ambalamukku, runs an Internet cafe at Chenthitta. After befriending the engineer through chat, Rajesh posed as ‘Renuka’ and used a voice converter to disguise his voice, Sub-Inspector, Thampanoor police station Sheen Tharayil said.

He later forwarded a photo from a marriage bureau to the engineer, who provided a credit card and code to ‘Renuka’ to withdraw Rs2,500 for purchasing a flight ticket to Mumbai. The engineer even booked a room for ‘Renuka’ who failed to turn up. Enquiries revealed that Rs22,000 was withdrawn using the credit card.

Rs 21 Lacs stolen from Mumbai ATM
25 Sep 2007, 0109 hrs IST,Nitasha Natu,TNN

MUMBAI: Mumbai police, investigating Sunday’s Rs 21.19 lakh theft from a Citibank ATM, suspect an insider’s involvement. The bank had outsourced the maintenance and housekeeping to Euro Net and G4S Cash Services Pvt Ltd was entrusted with loading "cash cassettes" into the machine.

Officials said that a key was required to open the rear of the machine and two three-digit security codes had to be keyed in to unlock the panel containing cash and a layperson would not be aware of these technical aspects.

Officials have questioned around 20 persons so far, including staffers of G4S Cash Services. "Those who have resigned in the recent past or are on leave will also be called for questioning," an official said. "We also cannot rule out the possibility of more than one culprit being involved," senior inspector Surendra Jaiswal said. "The events unfolded with clockwork precision, with the accused even
taking away the closed-circuit television tapes," he added.

The guard manning the ATM kiosk, Dayaram Jaiswar, was bound and blindfolded with gumplast. He told police that the culprit spoke chaste Hindi and was very rough in his mannerisms. He wore a helmet and sunglasses.

Jaiswar was on Monday taken to the police unit at Crawford Market and shown photographs of previous offenders but he failed to recognise any. Five G4S Cash Services employees are entrusted with refilling the machine with cash, a job carried out at night. The quantity refilled at one go is usually Rs 8 lakh. But, on Saturday, the loaders refilled at least thrice the amount; the following day was a Sunday and ongoing festivals meant more withdrawals were likely, officials explained.

The incident occurred between 4.45 am and 6.20 am. The robber deactivated an alarm on the security panel on the wall, then fished out a key from his pocket and opened the ATM’s back panel, punched a code turning the machine to ‘function mode’ from ‘service mode’.

A lower door in the machine slid open as he punched in this code, a lower door of the machine slid open. The accused then entered another six-digit code that prompted the "cash cassettes" to spring out. The accused was smart enough not to empty the machine as that would let off an alarm at the company’s office; he left behind Rs 8,800. He took away Rs 21.19 lakh; it was carried away in bags in Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations.

Housewife duped of Rs 91,000 in cyber crime

NAGPUR: A 46-year-old housewife, Urmila Sanjiv Wasnik, was duped to the tune of Rs 91,380 when four persons, probably some foreign nationals in a cyber crime, police said on Saturday.

Police said Wasnik came across a message on internet from John Smith, Jacob Adams, Smith Morgan and Peter that she has won a lottery worth USD one lakh and price money transfer was facing some problems from customs.
She was asked to deposit Rs 91,380 with an account number in ICICI bank at Ramdaspeth branch, police said.
She deposited the money in two instalments on Dec 2 and 3 and realised later that she was a victim of a international fraud as no amount of lottery price was sent to her.
She has lodged a complaint with Dhantoli police which is investigating after registering offences under Section 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property) of IPC